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The Gingerbread White House Pop-Up

The holiday season at the White House is a magical time of year. The house is beautifully decorated from top to bottom, and for nearly fifty years, a one-of-a-kind gingerbread house has been the centerpiece of the White House Christmas decorations. THE GINGERBREAD WHITE HOUSE: A Pop-Up Book, created by best-selling author of pop-up books Chuck Fischer, invites you to enjoy this beloved tradition in your own home. Discover fanciful decorations, presidential pets in marzipan, and inside stories from pastry chefs Roland Mesnier and Mark Ramsdell. Their memories of the White House pastry kitchen during the holidays and the many first families they worked with are featured in the enclosed booklet. Children of all ages will enjoy the recipes included in the book and playing with the paper punch-outs, including the president’s limousine, a Secret Service agent, Santa on his sleigh, and a chef serving pastries. Booklet includes gingerbread scratch and sniff!
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