President's Collection (Leather Bound)

President's Collection (Leather Bound)

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This set features the complete written works of President Richard Nixon. These limited edition copies were published by the Richard Nixon Foundation to celebrate the President's legacy.

The President's Collection includes:

Real Peace and No More Vietnams: Two incisive works in one volume! (1984 and 1985)
1999: Victory Without War: A strategy to ensure peace, prosperity and freedom in the 21st century. (1988)
In the Arena: The most personal, profound and revealing memoir ever written by a major political figure. (1990)
Seize the Moment: A call to action for American leadership - and how the west can capitalize on the fall of the Soviet Union. (1992)
Beyond Peace: His final book, published posthumously, presents an agenda to fulfill America's purpose in the post-Cold War world. (1994)
Six Crises: His first book recounts six pivotal events in his early career. (1962)
RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon: The definitive account of the life of RN. (1978) 
The Real War: An effective analysis of geopolitical strategy that served as a blueprint for Ronald Reagan's military buildup and strategic initiatives. (1980)
Leaders: Articulate descriptions of giants on the world stage who RN knew and worked with. (1982)

Books also sold individually.

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