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Creating the Sweet World of White

In this memoir and cookbook, Roland Mesnier, pastry chef to five presidents, recalls the stunning desserts he created for White House State Dinners, formal events, and family celebrations. First published in 2011, the book was widely acclaimed for its illustrations and descriptions of Chef Mesnier's one-of-a-kind and edible works of art. But readers wanted to know more. How did he create a flock of blown-sugar trumpet swans, or a basket of peach sorbet peaches, or a life-size chocolate American eagle? With this expanded edition Chef Mesnier reveals the secrets of his techniques for the first time. Of special interest are descriptions and illustrations of the dozens of molds in the chef's collection. If there was no mold for, say, a Viking ship for a dessert for the king of Norway, or a carriage for the queen of England, the chef made one. His hand-tooled molds of wood, metal, and cardboard, as well as "found objects" that can serve as molds, will be inspiration for innovative amateurs. With Creating the Sweet World of White House Desserts, Chefs Roland Mesnier and Mark Ramsdell make professional desserts possible for cooks of all abilities and offer insights into the accomplishments of the White House Pastry Shop.
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