Executive Collection (Paperback)

Executive Collection (Paperback)

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This set features five publications written by President Richard Nixon. These limited edition copies were published by the Richard Nixon Foundation to celebrate the President's legacy.

The Executive Collection includes:
Real Peace and No More Vietnams: Two incisive works in one volume! (1984 and 1985)
1999: Victory Without War: A strategy to ensure peace, prosperity and freedom in the 21st century. (1988)
In the Arena: The most personal, profound and revealing memoir ever written by a major political figure. (1990)
Seize the Moment: A call to action for American leadership - and how the west can capitalize on the fall of the Soviet Union. (1992)
Beyond Peace: His final book, published posthumously, presents an agenda to fulfill America's purpose in the post-Cold War world. (1994)

Books also sold individually.

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