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Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies

Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies


By Jacqueline Berger, 2016

Leadership made easy from those who occupied the White House! One could state correctly that America's First Ladies are iconic examples of such indispensable Leadership qualities as resilience, courage, innovation, focus and agility. This has all been in the spotlight of media attention, against the backdrop of history in the making and largely behind the scenes. The Principles and Practices on these pages are given freshness and immediacy in the skillful hands of author, speaker, historian Jacqueline Berger. Using the experiences and legacies of this unique sorority of women, she magnifies their topical relevance to all leaders, reluctant to willing. The Rules of Engagement for life today, in our families as well as our businesses, emphasize the importance of mutual respect and appreciation. Clearly outlined in Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies are the essential skills for building rapport and trust with every team and team member. This book offers the tools that will take you to the next level. No matter your business, position or will find Leadership Secrets of America's First Ladies invaluable reading.

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