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Pat Nixon: Embattled First Lady


Drawing on Pat Nixon's recently opened papers—as well as on recollections of both friends and adversaries—Mary Brennan debunks the myth of "Plastic Pat" and fleshes out the real woman behind the stories and stereotypes. The Nixons had more in common with small-town Americans than with Washington society, and Brennan shows that part of Pat's difficulty in dealing with the political world was that she never quite left the "normal" Pat behind. Political and social upheaval during her husband's presidency further complicated her role as First Lady, as she had to confront a shifting cultural terrain with the whole world watching.

Blending empathy and objectivity, Brennan shows that Pat Nixon was a strong woman caught up in circumstances beyond her control who did as her ancestors had done: gritted her teeth and got the job done as best she could. This account of an embattled First Lady opens a new window on the Nixon years and finally allows Pat Nixon to take center stage in her own life.


Mary C. Brennan






9.5" x 6"



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