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The Secret Plot to Make Ted Kennedy President by Geoff Shepard

The Secret Plot to Make Ted Kennedy President by Geoff Shepard


Author: Geoff Shepard

The controversial book that will change how people think about Watergate. Drawing on his insider knowledge and previously unpublished documents, Geoff Shepard shows that it didn’t take long for Ted Kennedy and his allies to smell blood after the Watergate break-in. They set out to exaggerate and prolong the scandal, not merely to destroy Richard Nixon, but to undermine the entire Republican Party and pave the way for another Kennedy presidency in 1976. In the process, working closely with a willing media, they pioneered the politics of personal destruction, which has tarnished our country ever since. Shepard reveals how this Kennedy conspiracy included members and staffs of the Senate, the House, the Justice Department, and the Special Prosecutor’s office. They used delay tactics and obfuscation to postpone the indictments and avoid trials of the handful of real Watergate criminals. Shepard argues that the abuses of power by Kennedy’s cronies dwarf those of the administration they savaged. Among those he singles out for reevaluation are Republican turncoat John Dean, Mark “Deep Throat” Felt, reporter Bob Woodward, and a young lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee named Hillary Rodham.

ISBN: 1595230483

Publisher: Sentinel HC

Publish Date: June 17, 2008


Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.2 x 1.4 inches

Number of Pages: 352