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The mission of The Richard Nixon Foundation was first articulated by President Nixon:

"I have insisted that the Nixon Library and Birthplace be not a monument to the career of one man, but a place where visitors and scholars will be able to recall the events of the time I served as President, and to measure and weigh the policies my administration pursued. I hope the Nixon Library and Birthplace will be different -a vital place of discovery and rediscovery, of investigation, of study, debate and analysis."

To further this mission, the Richard Nixon Foundation in association with the National Archives and Records Administration provides financial support to collect, preserve, and make available to the public and for scholars the documents, recordings, and other materials that illuminate the life and times, and the historic legacy of Richard Nixon.

The Richard Nixon Foundation actively encourages and supports scholarship and sponsors programs that engage the public with the Library, promotes educational programs and exhibits, and fosters discussion and debate relating to the legacy of America’s thirty-seventh President.

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum features nearly 70 major exhibits, more than 600 photographs, and more than 300 artifacts. The Library is a nationally recognized research center that allows students and scholars the opportunity to study, debate and analyze President Nixon’s significant legacy and historic presidency.

Richard Nixon’s presidency is one of the best-documented administrations in American history. The Nixon presidential materials collection contains approximately 4,000 separate recordings of broadcast video, nearly 4,500 audio recordings, 30,000 gifts from foreign heads of states, American citizens, and others, 300,000 still photographs, 2 million feet of film, 46 million pages of documents, and 3,700 hours of recorded presidential conversations.

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