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Behind Closed Doors: In the Room with Reagan & Nixon - Signed


Signed Copies Begin Shipping - July 24, 2024

A compelling insider’s account by the trusted adviser and confidante to America’s presidential giants and political legends as he draws the curtains back on his most private moments with Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon during revolutionary changes in our economy, politics, communications, foreign policy, and culture.

Ken Khachigian has written the most lucid, most important work about the postwar period. For an inside look at how ugly politics can be--and how noble--you cannot miss this book. I still love Ken after fifty years and you will, too, when you read this jewel of a memoir. 
—Ben Stein, Economist, law professor, multi Emmy awarded actor, speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford, novelist, and screenwriter

This is essential reading for anyone wanting to know how Ronald Reagan shaped his crusading message of economic growth through tax cuts and limited government. Khachigian’s is a fascinating account by one who takes you into the rooms where the decisions were made. 
—Larry Kudlow, Host of Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” and Former Director, National Economic Council

To understand Nixon and Reagan, the two crucial Presidents and coalition builders of the last third of the 20th century, the insights of Ken Khachigian, the confidant who advised them both, seem indispensable. 
—Pat Buchanan, White House Aide to Presidents Nixon and Reagan

Ken Khachigian is a great conservative and patriot, and his book will give you the inside view of a presidency that will go down in history as one of greatness and strength. 
—Ed Rollins, Ronald Reagan’s White House Political Director

Ken Khachigian offers a riveting account of his thrilling journey through American history at the sides of two monumental Presidents. If you care about where America has been, and where it’s going, this is a must-read! 
—Monica Crowley, Ph.D., Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, News Analyst and Bestselling Author

Ken Khachigian will draw you inside a generation of White House leadership and details how Reagan revived the American economy and lit a prairie fire of patriotism across America. 
—K.T. McFarland, American political candidate, former government official, and political commentator

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