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Eye On Nixon: A Photographic Study of the President and the Man

Eye On Nixon is not meant to be a photographic history of the Nixon Administration; nor is it an effort to show everything President Richard Nixon has done or everywhere he has been. Julie Nixon Eisenhower presents a vivid picture of her father as a man—doing his job as President, but more than that, being the kind of man she knew him to be—kind, thoughtful, shy, direct, humorous.


There definitely is a sense of buoyancy, a feeling of hope, an assurance that "tomorrow will be better" that runs deep in my father's personality. It is this sense of joy of living and confidence that I have tried to capture through photographs. What my father calls "the life of a driving dream" is good for a person, it is good for a family, and I like to think it is good for a country.

Julie Nixon Eisenhower

Original printing from 1972. Book is in good vintage condition. Dust cover may be damaged and show signs of wear.


Julie Nixon Eisenhower
Text by William Safire, Special Assistant to the President
Art Director Byron Schumaker






8 x 11"



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