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Remember the First Ladies: The Legacies of America's History-Making Women - Signed

Remember the First Ladies is a groundbreaking book showing the evolutionary role of first lady and its historic importance on the American presidency. The book shines a light on the influential women who broke barriers and made a mark on our country and, at times, our world, during their tenures in the White House.

The book includes both biographical and thematic chapters. It examines the influence of first ladies on topics such as civil rights, political campaigns, major speeches, and the White House across the span of the nation’s history. Profiles of first ladies bring their histories, achievements, and legacies to life. Readers learn about the development and expansion of the role of first lady, from its origins under Martha Washington through its current iteration under Dr. Jill Biden. The book explores how first ladies have been uniquely positioned to influence American society, policy, diplomacy, and life in the White House.
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